Welcome to the Affairs Retreats

We specialise in yoga workshops & retreats in Scotland and around the world.

An Affairs Retreat means time for yourself, space and the time to do things that you want to do. An Affairs Retreat isn’t selfish – it’s a necessity!

Relax, refresh and revitalise yourself at our range of beautiful retreat destinations.

Remote and Key Workers Virtual Wellbeing Retreat

Protect the Mental Health of your Remote and Key Workers with a daily programme of Wellbeing practices. Proven to reduce stress levels, provide coping mechanisms; motivating & calming the mind and increasing productivity of your team. The Mental Health of your staff is being challenged during this COVID-19 pandemic, with employees bringing their office to… Continue reading Remote and Key Workers Virtual Wellbeing Retreat

Weekend Virtual Retreat

What’s your plans for the Weekend? Same Old??? Fancy trying something new? Then why not join us for a 2 Day Yoga, Fitness and Wellbeing Online Virtual Retreat. Experience a full Affairs Retreat Weekend programme from the comfort of your own home, at an affordable price – starting from £25. A full packed weekend of… Continue reading Weekend Virtual Retreat