Girona Retreats


Girona, located in Catalonia, Spain, sits between Barcelona and Costa Brava. It’s the nearby town to our Villa and a gorgeous place to visit and have dinner, while on your retreat break.

With long walks along the medieval wall, getting lost in the narrow winding city streets with its lovely shops and cafes, and one of the best preserved Jewish Quarters in Europe.

It’s also a hot spot for Game of Thrones fans where a lot of the series was filmed. Also a nice day trip drive away from Cadeques and Figueres (birth place of Salvadore Dali).

If you ask most Barcelona locals to name the most beautiful village on the Costa Brava, the chances are that they will say Cadaqués. Set in a sheltered bay on the southern side of the Cap de Creus peninsula, this small town was once a busy port.

A wonderful setting for a day trip to explore the area.

You can either fly to Barcelona (transfer time 1 hour, or direct to Girona (15 mins transfer).