Teen Wellness Workshops


Being a teenager in the 2000’s can we a very stressful experience. Teenage hormones (and the strong emotions they create) can also be stressful for the adults in their life. …

And it’s not just the hormones: rapid growth spurts, periods, acne and unreliable vocal cords can all add to a feeling of being out of control, which can trigger a cycle of anxiety and depression in teens. Along with the pressures of exams, social media and from their peers, being a teenager can be quite a challenging period.

Our Teen Wellness Events are targeted locally in Aberdeen and we focus on 4th, 5th and 6th year pupils. We teach them proper relaxation skills, distressing techniques such as yoga stretches and breathing to help them through exams and other challenging situations, and look at various practices that they can use to unwind such as brain breaks.

We can come to your local school or community to host these events and they are reasonably priced for parents.

Drop us a line to make an enquiry or visit our Facebook page to find out the next one in your local area.