Scottish Retreats

Winter Wellbeing and Creative Retreat at the lovely Forbes of Kinglennie Country Estate – 17th Feb 2023

Dates: 17th February 2023, 14.30- 19th Feb 10am check out.

The start of a New Year means fresh opportunities & experiences.

Join us for a weekend that will open your mind to positive wellbeing practices like yoga relaxation, breathing, meditation, movement, healthy good food, and amazing Scottish scenery, all whilst tapping into your creative side. 

Multiple research studies have sited that being creative can increase positive emotions, lessen depressive symptoms, reduce stress, decrease anxiety, and even improve immune system functioning. 

This programme has been developed to promote well-being practices that will unleash your creativity, a part of us that very often has been shut down, it will help you process your emotions, declutter your mind, lift away the cobwebs and propel you forward, using creative practices to move you in a positive direction in 2023. 

We’re very excited to have professional photographer & friend Emma McGuire joining us to host our first Photography workshop!!! 

Fancy making your iphone/smart phone photos a little more professional? Want to improve your selfies or your social media images? Then you will enjoy this workshop.

Get creative.

A short introduction to photography techniques sharing tips on lighting, composition and editing, to help you capture great photos on your smartphone.

Express what’s going on for you in a way that’s meaningful to you and the benefits creativity can have on your health and well-being.

Get in touch for price information or for further information on the event.

And check out the lovely accommodation and the country estate of Forbes of Kinglennie at

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