Online Virtual Retreats

Daily Virtual Fitness and Wellbeing Retreat at Home

Committing to daily well-being practices can be challenging without the guide and motivation that many people need. Our “NEW” online Retreat is the ideal way to bring these essential Health and Wellbeing practices to you each and every day. Providing you with a daily injection of the wonderful health, fitness and well-being practices that our Affairs instructors promote at our Retreats.

We are bringing this experience to you in the comfort of your own home. It is important particularly during such challenging times that we sustain these good practices for our mind, body and soul. With fitness and Yoga classes closed and gyms shut and many people isolated from their social interactions we encourage you to do little and often and get together in this safe environment. A great way to also introduce these practices to your family or household at a time when keeping healthy is so critical.

This monthly subscription to The Affairs Well-being Group is full of daily and monthly live and video content, posts, recording, PDF’s and discussions that will provide you with short tasters of home workouts and practices; including HIIT, Yoga, strength, abs and core; nutrition advise, easy and cost effective home recipes and cooking demos; meditation and mindfulness to destress and unwind; relaxation and sleep well practices, and also the chance to interact with the Affairs Team, real people, who will provide advice and encouragement in a safe and friendly environment, which key to a healthy mind and body.

There is also access to our month-long Beginners Yoga Course and our Weekend Virtual Retreat – a packed programme of Yoga and Wellbeing to enjoy at your leisure.

We hope you can invest the time that you would have normally taken to go to classes and enjoy some daily practice with The Affairs Team. We look forward to socialising with you all.

For those of you who have already attended our Retreats or classes welcome back. For those who have always wanted to but for whatever reason have not made it along, this will give you all the chance to experience quality time and practices with us online.

Daily Virtual Fitness and Wellbeing Retreats

Only £15.00 /pm

Go on, your worth it!

We hope to see along soon. Simone, Nix and Sanny x