Virtual Retreats

Remote Workers Virtual Wellbeing Retreat, Mental Health Awareness Week: 18-24th May

Protect the Mental Health of your Remote Workers with a daily programme of Wellbeing practices through Mental Health Awareness Week.

Proven to reduce stress levels, provide coping mechanisms; motivating & calming the mind and increasing productivity of your team.

The Mental Health of your staff is being challenged during this COVID-19 pandemic, with employees bringing their office to their homes, struggling to balance their working day alongside home schooling or caring for family members.

Our objective is to take people away from the hustle and bustle of life, for a short time each day to dedicate important time to their mental wellbeing, using a programme of effective practices so that they can disconnect from the daily routine to rest the mind and body, to recover energies and support their creative thinking through access to these daily practices. Flexible to be scheduled into their working day so they can take important and effective time away from their work. This will help to activate their mind and to rejuvenate and strengthen their spirit and help them to bring these practices and new approaches into their lives to support them during this time.

Our programme will consist of daily Yoga, Meditation, HIIT, Breathing, Relaxation, Mindfulness & healthy nutrition for remote workers.

Only 50p/employee/per day.

Please contact Simone of the Affairs Team to discuss and book your staff into the Retreat Week.

Tel: 07985 384402

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