Workplace Workshops


Tailor made workshops, developed to the needs of your business and staff. Full or half day programmes, on or off-site.

The Affairs Team offer Workplace Wellbeing Retreats to give your employees the opportunity to gain advice and practices to help balance and cope with the daily stresses of working life.

By addressing general employee wellbeing and helping reduce workplace stress, our aim is to help improve day-to-day productivity, profitability and reduce absenteeism.

The Affairs Instructor are fully qualified and insured  in Yoga, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Meditation, Relaxation, Breathing, Sports Remedial Massage and Personal Fitness; providing a well defined and developed programme of effective wellbeing practices to maintain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

Ultimately this is a Wellbeing Retreat brought to your workplace – time for staff to unwind, destress and provide these best practices as a take away into their daily routine.

Promoting positive mental and physical health

✓ Practices that target workplace stress
✓ Reduce absenteeism
✓ Promote a contented workforce
✓ Improve focus
✓ Good employee relations
✓ Promoting mental and physical wellbeing

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