Tranquil and relaxing Yoga and Wellbeing retreats in Scotland and Europe

The Affairs Retreats provides guests with a comfortable atmosphere to relax, refresh and rejuvenate yourself. Providing simple health and well-being practices through daily Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Relaxation, Healthy Nutrition and Fitness programmes, that we support and encourage our guests to take home and retain in their daily life.

Our qualified and very experienced instructors develop a programme that is specific to your needs and whether you are beginning your Yoga and Wellness journey or would like to deepen your practices, then there is something for everyone on our retreats.

Our retreat accommodation is always of a high standard with our 4 star accommodation  chosen for the solitude of the setting in beautiful countryside areas of Scotland and Europe, but still accessible to local village life and transport, where peace and quiet can be experienced. Accommodation usually has a mix of twin, double and triple rooms. With up to 12 people, our retreats are small and intimate, where you will receive lots of personal attention for you / your guests. Single rooms are available at a supplement. In Europe our Villas have heated swimming pools, with ample comfortable day beds and loungers for relaxation.

The fruit groves and gardens offer quiet solitude for relaxation and meditation, an idyllic setting for our special retreats:

Typical daily programme included in the price:

✓ Wake up healthy smoothie, nutritious buffet breakfast and healthy lunch (group dinner in Scotland)

✓ Meditation and relaxation sessions

✓ Pranayama breathing benefits and exercises

✓ Sun salutation wake up yoga and moon salutation relaxation yoga

✓ Flexible packages (minimum 2-7 nights)

✓ Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga and Anti-ageing facial Yoga

✓ Nutrition and well-bein, Hatha and Anti-ageing facial Yoga

✓ Hiking and mindfulness walking

✓ 1 sports massage

✓ Mindfulness (in Scotland)