Scottish Retreats

The Affairs Retreats “we’re back”

To say we were excited to get back to what we love and do best is doesn’t come close to describing the feelings we had on opening the door of the Coachhouse at The Burn Estate to our wonderful weekend guests.

We had waited almost 2 years to the day and it did not disappoint.

Let’s talk about our guests, some returning from previous retreats & workshops and some brand new faces, all were open and ready to absorb everything the weekend had to offer. One such offering was the weather, I think the retreat gods were looking down because in  March we got to sit outside in the beautiful garden for one of our workshops, and enjoyed walks around the estate also although Yoga practice was held in our fabulous studio the sun shining through the windows was nothing short of delightful.

As with all our events and retreats, we were treated to spending time with guests who happily immersed themselves into the itinerary and by the time we said our goodbyes on Sunday I think it’s fair to say we all floated to our cars as we waved goodbye.

For Simone, Sanny and I (nix) nothing quite comes close to the feeling of the Retreat Team hug and knowing our guests left feeling valued, and hopefully enriched from the experience we all shared.

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